Since started in 2013, using 3D design software with 3D printing technology we have been continuously prototyping our line mounts and taking consideration from our customer's feedback. We have built dozens of testing prototype line mount designs and our line mounts are currently in third generation. All our line mounts are 3D printed using highest grade ABS material to produce the best quality with testing.

flexibility testing honeycomb 

1st Generation 

1st Generation 

1st generation line mount (model no. 1GN4KL) using low density honeycomb construction for maximum light weight.

2nd Generation

2nd generation 2nd generation 

2nd generation line mount comes in two models. One model for 4 line kite setup (model no. 2GN4KL) and 5 line kite setup (model no. 2GN5KL) using higher density honeycomb construction compared to the previous generation for additional rigidity. Line guide was also improved.

3rd Generation 

 3rd generation

Major improvements on 3rd generation line mount (model no 3GN4N5KL). Supports 4 line and 5 line kite setups. Allow the use of floaty backdoor so that the mount floats on water when the kite is on water. Using high grade ABS filaments and micro density honeycomb construction, the line mount are more flexible on the line ends compared to previous model.

4th Generation (Current)

  DK4 white mount

4th generation line mount known as 2017 DK4 line mount (model no 4GN4N5KL) still supports all GoPro Hero cameras. Major improvement of this mount is based on customer feedback to improve the line support guide which led to increase durability and easier mount installation. Another improvement is the 5th line support has become optional extension rather permanent built-in. The long plastic knob screw has been replaced with short aluminium knob screw to reduce line being stuck around the mount. 

Product testing and location

We test our product based on real life situations to ensure our product performs as expected with minimal compromises of flying performance of the kite. Our testing are located along Balok Beach (3.902049, 103.366878) in Malaysia.